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We wanted our mom to watch our family grow while she was aging. Her physical and mental health was declining and we needed trained care providers to assist us during the day and weekends. Family Matters helped complete us as a family when we needed help, and gave my mom the care and love she deserved.
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M.S. Baldwin
May 24, 2015

Family Matters management and caregiver gave me excellent care over an 8-week period. The management and group were knowledgeable, well organized, sympathetic, and flexible in answering questions and providing for my needs.

My home aide provided excellent care, was always positive in attitude, helpful in all types of tasks as needed and able to provide support, and encouragement as I gained strength toward independence. Always good company. She was skilled in personal physical care, household chores, cooking, and cleaning tasks and an excellent driver of my care when required.

Jim G.
July 15, 2015

I can’t begin to say enough about the two wonderful experiences that I recently had with Family Matters In-Home Care. They are probably the most professional care provider and deliver a beyond-all-expectations experience. The owners had two in-home meetings at my location, first to explain and then secondly to assess the services I would need to ensure the care I received was first class.

They were even able to provide equipment at no charge, so I would not have to purchase any for a short-time need. I had two different in home caregivers, due to needing surgery and then an unexpected follow up surgery. Both times I was unprepared for the level of responsible care that was given. They did the kind of job that raises the bar and standards for in-home care.

Rochelle H.
April 3, 2015

Working as part of the social services department in a skilled nursing facility, I am always providing resources and referrals to my patients and/or their families to ensure a safe discharge plan is in place when my patient is ready to go home.

One of the companies I have referred my patients to is Family Matters In-Home Care. Jacob, Carol, and Marcus have always been available to meet with my patients and families at the facility to discuss the care needs of the patient. Several of my patients have chosen this company for their care needs, and they have called me to give me feedback of how wonderful their caregivers are. Knowing that my former patients and their families are happy and satisfied with the care provided by Family Matters In-Home Care, makes me confident in the referring them to my future patients and families.

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