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How To Communicate With A Senior Who Can No Longer Speak

How to Communicate with a Senior Who Can No Longer Speak

Humans are social creatures, and while the lion’s share of our interactions revolve around verbal communication, the truth is that we rely on other senses, particularly touch, not only to interact with the world around us, but to non-verbally connect…

Planning Meals For Seniors With Diabetes: Healthy Options And Tips

Planning Meals for Seniors with Diabetes: Healthy Options and Tips

Diabetes meal planning can help seniors living with the disease prevent it from getting worse while protecting their overall health. The American Diabetes Association reports that 25.9% of Americans over the age of 65 have diabetes. Caregiving for a senior…

Help Seniors Prepare For Emergencies And Hazards

Help Seniors Prepare for Emergencies and Hazards

In emergency situations, seniors are often less able than other adults to protect themselves. For example, older adults are 2.5 times more likely to die in fires than the general population. Preparing for emergencies can help keep seniors safe when…

5 Tips For Dealing With Aggressive Behavior In Dementia

5 Tips for Dealing with Aggressive Behavior in Dementia

This is a guest post from Anna Short, a primary caregiver for her mother with dementia. When seniors are diagnosed with dementia, it becomes challenging for them to live independently. In such cases, you are forced to either place them…

Caring For A Senior With Edema: Types, Symptoms & Treatment

Caring for a Senior with Edema: Types, Symptoms & Treatment

It’s not uncommon for most of us to experience fluctuations in our weight from time to time. Occasionally, we may even have some light swelling from medications, or if we’ve recently had a minor injury occur. Usually, these issues clear…

What Are “Intentional Communities”?

What are "Intentional Communities"?

A growing trend among seniors in their sixties and seventies is the concept of communal living. These baby boomers are now empty nesters, and as they begin thinking about retirement, they are now also reconsidering their living arrangements.  Now that…

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