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Managing Your Self-Care When Caring For Others With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia

Managing your Self-Care when Caring for Others with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

 Caregivers who care for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia should manage their stress to prevent burnout and keep their caregiving optimism high. What is Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease? Dementia is an umbrella term for memory loss and other mental…

6 Outdoor Activities For Seniors To Enjoy During The Summer

6 Outdoor Activities for Seniors to Enjoy During the Summer

 Getting outside during the summer offers actual health benefits to seniors. A Harvard Health study explains that time in the sun raises Vitamin D levels and improves moods. For many seniors, a regular mood boost provided by outdoor activity…

Good News, Bad News: Gardening & Housework Count As Exercise

Good News, Bad News: Gardening & Housework Count as Exercise

You may not like weeding the gardening or doing housework, but the good news is that they count as exercise. A new study shows you don’t necessarily have to walk 5 blocks or go the gym to stay fit. Keeping…

Why Seniors Need To Drink More Water

Why Seniors Need to Drink More Water

It’s important to drink enough water so the body is adequately hydrated. As we age, the lack of hydration can cause many health issues because the body needs water to function well and fight off infection. Educating seniors about how…

5 Tasty Recipes That Seniors And Their Caregivers Can Enjoy

5 Tasty Recipes that Seniors and their Caregivers can Enjoy

Many factors can affect the taste of food for older individuals. Make these tasty recipes for them and they’ll get the nutrition they need and a meal they’ll want to eat again. As people age many factors including medicine, joint…

Common Skin Problems & Proper Skin Care For Aging Adults

Common Skin Problems & Proper Skin Care for Aging Adults

We worry about the health and function of our internal organs, but we often fail to think about the health of one of our largest organs that we look at every day - the skin. It is a tough, pliable,…

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