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Family Matters, Summer 2020 Magazine

Family Matters, Summer 2020 Magazine

Never before in modern times has our nation seen a pandemic, nor experienced its catastrophic consequences. To say this has been a difficult time is an understatement; yet, we have continued to work with our clients throughout the COVID19 crisis.…

What Are Homemaker Services & How Do They Benefit Seniors?

What are Homemaker Services & How Do They Benefit Seniors?

For the children of senior parents, the question of continued care can be stressful. Each parent’s case is different, but deciding what’s best for another person is always a challenge. If your parent is getting on in years but doesn’t…

How To Keep Senior Loved Ones Safe As COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders Ease

How to Keep Senior Loved Ones Safe as COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders Ease

The world hasn't faced a pandemic challenge like COVID-19 in multiple generations—including that of our country's senior citizens. The shutdown of businesses, schools, and other institutions is a measure that our grandparents never had to abide by, even in their…

Therapeutic Gardening For Seniors: The Healthy Benefits For Garden Therapy

Therapeutic Gardening for Seniors: The Healthy Benefits for Garden Therapy

The natural aging process in humans, which sometimes seems intent on slowing us down, is challenging at best. Once robust and vivacious, some of us may experience physical disabilities, declining health, and attendant emotional distress as we age. With a…

Aging Eyes And Common Vision Problems For Seniors

Aging Eyes and Common Vision Problems for Seniors

As we age, vision impairment is one of the most common physical losses. Many eye conditions that cause sight loss and blindness are insidious and aren’t diagnosed until extreme measures are necessary. Vigilance about your senior’s eyesight is important to…

Helping Seniors Cope With The Loss Of A Loved One

Helping Seniors Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

During this time of their lives, a lot of your senior’s experience may be punctuated by loss: loss of health, independence, mobility, routine, and more. The most acute loss is that of family and friends. Here are some ways to…

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