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What Are The Different Types Of At Home Caregivers?

What are the Different Types Of At Home Caregivers?

Growing up as headstrong teenagers full of energy and endless dreams, we seek as much independence as we can find. We finally grasp it in adulthood and treasure the freedom to go where we want and be who we want.…

Preventative Health Best Practices For Aging Seniors

Preventative Health Best Practices for Aging Seniors

Preventative strategies can help seniors live healthier lives with fewer risks. 60% of older adults manage two or more chronic conditions, according to one study. Some conditions that affect seniors are preventable; others aren’t but may be improved if they…

What Are Signs A Senior May Need Help At Home?

What Are Signs a Senior May Need Help at Home?

As adults, we get used to being independent and caring for ourselves, but as we age, this can become more and more difficult.  Aging can lead to decline in strength, reflexes, eyesight, mental acuity, and all kinds of other areas. …

How To Help A Senior’s Caregiving Team Work Together

How to Help a Senior’s Caregiving Team Work Together

Many seniors rely on the care and support of multiple people. This type of community is important, but can also be a problem if everyone isn’t working in sync. Use these strategies to work as a team Why It’s Important…

What Do End Of Life Doulas Do?

What Do End of Life Doulas Do?

If you’ve heard the term “doula” before, it was probably in reference to someone who provides support services during and after pregnancy and childbirth.  Not to be confused with midwives, who are health care professionals, these certified professionals are trained…

The 3 Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease

The 3 Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Understand the three stages of Alzheimer’s disease and how caregivers can help patients in each of these different stages. Stage 1: Mild Alzheimer's Disease (Early Stage) In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, friends and family may start to notice their…

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