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Family Matters Home Care Grows Agency 102% In Just One Year!

Family Matters Home Care grows agency 102% in just one year!

Carol Pardue started Family Matters In-Home Care 14 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area, stemming from a personal passion for the industry. She was a CNA for 19 years prior and personally cared for and developed relationships with many of…

Memories As Therapy

Memories As Therapy

For people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the present can be bewildering and fractured. Short term memory can be unreliable or practically non-existent, while longer term memory may remain intact. For these people, reminiscing, or talking about old times, makes sense.…

Above And Beyond: Belen, Our Caregiver Of The Month

Above and Beyond: Belen, Our Caregiver of the Month

Belen's caregiving work goes ‘above and beyond’. She is honest, devoted, loyal and patient, with excellent common sense, people skills and creativity. The health and wellbeing of Belen’s client has improved under her care, and his close-knit family of eight adult…

Outdoor Spaces And Stress Relief

Outdoor Spaces and Stress Relief

Spending time outdoors is good for everyone. You can’t help but feel calmer after a long hike in the mountains or a short stroll on the beach. Even getting out into your backyard can make a difference to your mood.…

Blanca Rosas Goes Above And Beyond

Blanca Rosas Goes Above and Beyond

What do Blanca's clients say about her? "Kind," "caring," "sweet" - and always "goes above and beyond." The same goes for the way she interacts with the Family Matters team. Blanca is always willing to help however she can. Blanca's…

Winter Woes: Alzheimer’s And ‘Sundowners Syndrome’

Winter Woes: Alzheimer's and 'Sundowners Syndrome'

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer's, you'll have noticed that their symptoms can vary from day to day, and even hour to hour. They may be coherent and relatively capable one day, then confused and moody the next.…

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