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Top Lifestyle Changes For Older Adults To Live A Longer, More Enjoyable Life

Top Lifestyle Changes for Older Adults to Live a Longer, More Enjoyable Life

The Blue Zones ideology suggests practical tips on how older adults can adjust their lifestyle to live healthier, longer and a more fulfilling life. What The Longest Living People Have in Common The Blue Zones initiative began as a National…

The Importance Of Medication Adherence For Seniors

The Importance of Medication Adherence for Seniors

When seniors don’t take their medications as prescribed, or don’t take them at all, it can have severe health consequences. In fact, medication non-adherence is a problem that runs rampant through the healthcare system today, and one that is very…

5 Symptoms Of Depression In Elderly Loved Ones (& How You Can Help)

5 Symptoms of Depression in Elderly Loved Ones (& How You Can Help)

Has your loved one recently lost interest in activities they used to enjoy? Are they complaining they are tired all the time, or perhaps not eating as much as usual? These might be signs of more than just normal aging.…

Seniors And Technology: How To Keep Your Independence

Seniors and Technology: How to Keep Your Independence

Technology can be a useful aid in helping seniors with various tasks so that they can remain independent and at home. Technology can be a useful aid in helping seniors with various tasks so that they can remain independent and…

Signs & Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women – They Aren’t What You Think

Signs & Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women - They Aren't What You Think

Heart disease is the Number One killer of women in the United States and is responsible for about 1 in every 4 female deaths. The Centers for Disease Control says that although awareness is increasing, only 54% of women recognize…

The Shocking Truth On Heart Health For Seniors

The Shocking Truth On Heart Health for Seniors

Maintaining a healthy heart should be important for all seniors as it is the leading cause of death in the US. Find out how to prevent heart disease today. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the…

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