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Family Matters, Fall 2019 Magazine

Family Matters, Fall 2019 Magazine

As we move into the fall and winter months, changes in the weather can change socialization patterns for seniors. Wind, rain and cold temperatures can make it difficult to get outside and a lack of sunlight can create challenges for…

Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Maintain Independence As We Age

Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Maintain Independence As We Age

One of the most common travails, drawbacks, and general feelings of dread related to aging is loss of independence. We rejoice in our freedom the minute we learn to walk and revel in growing independence with each passing year of…

How Is In-Home Care Paid For & How To Calculate Costs?

How Is In-Home Care Paid For & How to Calculate Costs?

Arguably the most difficult life component to lose for seniors is their freedom and independence. In fact, throughout our lives we all grow extremely fond of those two daily companions. In later years, in-home care is one of the best…

Using Respite Care For Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s Disease

Using Respite Care for Loved Ones with Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a formidable affliction that quietly moves in and steadily takes over a life. People affected by Alzheimer’s suffer symptoms including memory loss and confusion, both of which will worsen over time. However, early stages and later stages…

Contact In Case Of Emergency: Emergency Contact Planning For Seniors

Contact in Case of Emergency: Emergency Contact Planning for Seniors

In case of emergency, especially an evacuation, it’s essential for seniors and their loved ones to have a communication plan. According to FEMA, the most common reasons for evacuation are fires and floods. It’s important for seniors to know who…

Does Medicare Cover Home Care Services?

Does Medicare Cover Home Care Services?

With age comes wisdom and wonderful experiences with family and spending precious time with grandchildren. Growing older also brings its share of health challenges; some of which are managed with routine medical visits and maintenance. Other health issues are of…

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